Github Meets CPAN

22 Jul 2011

When Olaf Alders was writing about expanding your MetaCPAN profile he suggested to build something interesting on top of the MetaCPAN API. When I started writing Pithub I did not have any use case in mind at all. I just wrote it because I was bored and because there was no Perl support yet for the v3 of the Github API. When I read Olaf’s article, I got an idea: Connect the CPAN authors listed by the MetaCPAN API to their Github data, in case they have their Github account set. And there it was: The first use case for Pithub.

The page is up and running on dotCloud and you can check it out here:

The whole thing was kind of boring until Olaf had yet another great idea: Add some ranking there and sort the users by it, instead of sorting them just alphabetically. Currently the rank is calculated by this formula:

(count of your followers)
+ (sum of watchers of all of your repositories)
+ (sum of forks of all of your repositories)
= rank

It’s also available on Github: plu/github-meets-cpan